Kest Soldier Center

Kest Soldier Center

The Kest Center, located in the Old City of Jerusalem, was a project of Aba and Pamela Claman. Aba and Pamela founded the organization, Thank Israeli Soldiers, with the mission to educate, embrace and empower the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force.

The Sol and Clara Kest Center for Soldiers is at the heart of Thank Israeli Soldiers’ 15 years of service to support the brave young and women protecting Israel. The Center will be the portal through which Jews from around the world can show their appreciation to IDF soldiers, and let them know they are not alone in the defense of freedom.

JDC Design was hired to not only create the website and marketing materials, but also to manage the entire project from start to finish. We acquired the 360 Virtual Tour photographer, found and hired the Voice-Over talent for the tour’s narrative, and hired the Copywriter for the site content and the narrative script for the virtual tour.

This all came together in several months and we finished the project on time and before the Inaugural Opening of the center.

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